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Skip to content Ontario. Also included as permit conditions are Appendices A and F. The front axle of the tractor is a single axle with single tires and the drive axle is a tandem axle. The lead semi- trailer has a tandem or tridem axle. The converter dolly has a tandem axle. The second semi-trailer has a tandem or tridem axle. The Allowable Gross Vehicle Weight is that of the tractor-trailer without the dolly, plus 2, kg. Measurements also exclude authorized aerodynamic devices at rear of trailers. The LCV B-Train Double consists of a tractor and two semi-trailers connected by a fifth wheel assembly whose lower half is mounted on the rear of the foremost semi-trailer.

The Carnival

December 19, Two representatives from Atlantic Moves attended Parcours Danse in Laval, Quebec, the annual dance conference hosted by La danse sur les routes de Quebec. Tim Yerxa Fredericton Playhouse had this to say:. Each company presented excerpts of work followed by a moderated discussion with the choreographers.

The Chamber of Commerce Quebec-Florida organizes its business Speed-​Dating on February 18th and invites all its members and entrepreneurs/​professionals.

Select Model Year Of Vehicle. Select Car Model. Select a Dealer Closest to You. Select A. Honda Canada Inc. Installation, balancing, applicable taxes and fees are extra. Pricing varies by Honda dealer and is only applicable to the selected Honda dealer. Honda dealers are free to set their own selling prices.

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Access historical weather, climate data, and related information for numerous locations across Canada. Temperature, precipitation, degree days, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, monthly summaries, averages, extremes and Climate Normals, are some of the information you will find on this site. Access historical radar images from our network of radar sites across Canada. National, regional and local images are available.

Topics included in Speed (Up)Dating Updates from Student Services: Martine Gauthier May NACADA Quebec “Metro-In” Conference: Penny Kaill-Vinish (Student Affairs Officer, Speed (Up)Dating event – December 12,

Two class action lawsuits were filed in Canada in against major tobacco companies; the cases were later combined. One class Blais involved Quebec residents with lung cancer, throat cancer, or emphysema. The other class Letourneau involved Quebec residents addicted to nicotine. After a lengthy trial, the court found that the tobacco companies caused injury, failed to inform customers of the risks and dangers of its products, and violated Quebec law.

In the Blais case, the court awarded moral damages e. In both cases the court awarded punitive damages, which it calculated based on one year of before-tax profits for each tobacco company. Quebec Class Action Two class action lawsuits were filed in Canada in against major tobacco companies; the cases were later combined.

Download Document. Some of these cases will relate to general tobacco products, while others will relate to specific subcategories of tobacco products–for example, light or low products, menthol or other flavored products.

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Jump to navigation. Draft by-laws The draft by-laws recently tabled during a council meeting are available here. By-laws currently in effect Please find below a few of the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux by-laws. If you wish to obtain a copy of a by-law not listed below, please contact our City Clerk’s office at and we will be glad to assist you. The electronic version of by-laws or their consolidation are provided for information purposes only and have no legal value.

In the case of a discrepancy between a text published on this website and the original held by the City Clerk’s Office, the later shall prevail.

Lesbian Speed Date From Hell! will be featured at OFF-JFL on July 19 & and 20 at Montréal, Quebec H2T 1R2 Canada + Google Map.

The perpetrator, Alexandre Bissonnette, was charged with six counts of first-degree murder. The province of Quebec prioritizes immigrants who speak fluent French, and therefore has many Muslim immigrants from former French colonies such as Senegal, as well as Syria , Lebanon , and the North African countries of the Maghreb. A number of Muslim French citizens with family origins in the former French colonies have immigrated to Quebec from France.

Arab residents of the province make up a larger share of its population than any other Canadian province. Like most immigrants to Quebec, they are concentrated in Montreal , Quebec’s largest city. Quebec City has a low crime rate; in , there were only two homicides in the city. A local chapter of Soldiers of Odin said it wanted to conduct safety patrols of neighbourhoods where Muslims live. Six people were killed and nineteen were injured in the attack. All six victims were dual citizens of Canada and the countries from which they emigrated.

Kleppner: 2014 Commentator Brunch Sampler ‘In Plain Sight’

Legionella pneumophila is one of the few bacteria that can be considered as a genuine environmental pathogen. Whilst most infections of hydric origins result from the faecal pollution of a stream or ground water, it is indeed not the case for Legionella pneumophila since this bacterium can be found in an ubiquitous manner in fresh water where it can survive temperature variations from 5.

Consequently, any machinery or device using a water supply can be colonized with Legionellae , especially if the water temperature is high as it favor its growth: cooling towers, plumbing, water-heaters and hot tubs are few examples. Between July 18th and October 8th, , cases of legionellosis have been reported in the Quebec City area, 14 of which being sadly fatal.

from Atlantic Moves attended Parcours Danse in Laval, Quebec, the annual dance activities included a participatory workshop and a speed dating session. March 13thth Atlantic Moves visited the Fredericton Playhouse (more).

Citation: Sattva Capital Corp. Creston Moly Corp. Rothstein J. McLachlin C. However, they disagreed on which date should be used to price the shares and therefore the number of shares to which S was entitled. The parties entered into arbitration pursuant to the B.

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In the 19th century, this belt was used to tighten coats around the waist to prevent the cold from creeping in while also providing back support. Many believe that the arrowhead technique is of Aboriginal origin whereas it is rather a mixture of two methods: Native American weaving and French-Canadian weaving. The Aboriginals helped to preserve the arrow sash by trading their furs in exchange for the sash.

Through this program, you can receive free advisory services to speed up your Amusement arcades and pool halls (electronic games, billiards, pool halls) BY-LAW ESTABLISHING THE DATES AND HOURS OF THE REGULAR BY-LAW R AMENDING THE MONTREAL MASTER PLAN BY-LAW.

According to Dos Santos if you want to try something new, his speed dating service is the place to try. The list is then completed the event location is announced on Facebook. Participants are both English and French. Registration is free. Get the most fun in a relaxed atmosphere when you decide to speed date…. You have between 5 to 15 minutes to sell yourself — personality, likes, values etc, to the other party.

For more information call Sergio Dos Santos at or visit their Facebook page www. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Passenger rail advocate calls VIA’s proposed Ontario-Quebec a ‘tourist train’ to the ‘hinterland’

Quebec employees, working full or part time, benefit from the following statutory holidays s. However, if an employee is required by his employer to work on a statutory holiday, due to the nature of the activities of the business, then in addition to receiving his typical wages for the work completed, the employee will be entitled to the abovementioned indemnity or to a compensatory holiday of one 1 day s.

The employer has discretion as to whether the employee will receive an indemnity or compensatory leave of one day. If he opts for a compensatory holiday, the employee must take his leave in the three 3 weeks prior to or following the holiday. Furthermore, as a pre-condition to the right of an employee to benefit from a statutory holiday, he must not be absent from work on the working day preceding or on the working day following the holiday.

An exception is made where an employee is absent for a valid cause or where his absence has been authorized by his employer s.

has Canada’s climate changed to date, why, and what changes are projected for the IPCC (): Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerabil- The record of observed temperature at Amos, Quebec, shows how changes in of precipitation if it is windy, and they become less efficient as wind speed in-.

The purpose of this Integrated Fisheries Management Plan IFMP is to identify the main objectives and requirements of the Lobster Fishery in areas 19, 20 and 21 and the management measures that will be used to achieve these objectives. This document also provides background information and information related to management of this fishery to staff of Fisheries and Oceans Canada DFO , co-management boards established by law under the regulations on territorial claims if applicable and other stakeholders.

This IFMP provides a common interpretation of the fundamental “rules” that govern sustainable management of fisheries resources. This IFMP is not a legally binding instrument which can form the basis of a legal challenge. The Minister can, for reasons of conservation or for any other valid reasons, modify any provision of the IFMP in accordance with the powers granted pursuant to the Fisheries Act.

Where DFO is responsible for the implementing obligation under land claim agreements or from Supreme Court judgments in relation to aboriginal rights, the IFMP will be implemented in a manner consistent with these obligations. In the event that an IFMP is inconsistent with obligations under land claim agreements, the provisions of the land claim agreements will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. This Integrated Fishery Management Plan was developed with fish harvesters from the lobster fishery areas 19, 20 and

Employees’ rights to statutory holidays and annual vacation in Quebec

Junior Open Selection 2 Fredericton, N. Canada Winter Games Information. Relay Overall.

Westmount, QC – 20 October Canada Company will host its first transitioning military members and Veterans attending, the Montreal event and Employer Partners can meet one-on-one in a “speed dating” format).

High Speed Rail Canada founder Paul Langan lays out in a column a variety of issues, from safety concerns to secrecy around pricing and the number of stations. The proposed HFR project would include a new fleet of trains and dedicated tracks to increase reliability. The route would go from Toronto to Ottawa via Peterborough and Montreal to Quebec City via Trois Rivieres and the upgrade would take four years to complete. According to an emailed statement from the Crown corporation, a trip from Montreal to Toronto on the proposed HFR service is estimated to take around four hours and 45 minutes — only 19 minutes faster than on a current train.

And this is slower than in the s, Langan pointed out, when we had a turbo train that could make the trip in about four hours. However, for other parts of the route, such as Toronto-Ottawa and Montreal-Quebec, travel time would improve by more than an hour. And the frequency would increase.

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