“People Who Are Too Similar to Each Other are Not Likely to Last.”

Washington: While breakups hurt and might make people search for love in a different kind of person, they do not tend to do so. People often look for love in the same type of person over and over again. A new study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, has found that. Our research suggests there’s a strong tendency to nevertheless continue to date a similar personality,” said lead author Yoobin Park. Using data from an ongoing multi-year study on couples and families across several age groups, Park and co-author Geoff MacDonald, compared the personalities of current and past partners of people. Participants in the study along with a sample of current and past partners assessed their own personality traits related to agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to experience. They were polled on how much they identified with a series of statements such as, “I am usually modest and reserved”, “I am interested in many different kinds of things” and “I make plans and carry them out”. Respondents were asked to rate their disagreement or agreement with each statement on a five-point scale. Researcher’s analysis of the responses showed that overall; the current partners of individuals described themselves in ways that were similar to past partners.

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So is it true that couples who are intensely similar and too emotionally close to one another more prone to breaking up? Everyone knows that couple: the one who think, act and dress almost identically. Moreover, most of us have been that half of the pair who can almost entirely describe your other partner as your other half. Does this lifestyle lead to healthy and long lasting relationships?

Is there a way to tell if someone is likely to be a compatible long-term mate, or a difficult and contentious partner? Sounds complicated, right?

Recent work has suggested that we do have go-to preferences when it comes to demographic and physical characteristics such as education, age difference, hair color, and height. However, no previous research has provided strong evidence that we consistently seek a particular personality type across partners. Over nine years, the researchers tracked the relationship status of these people, who had to pop the rather unusual question to partners of whether they would mind filling out the same personality questionnaire for the good of science.

After nine years and thousands of questionnaires, the researchers ended up with participants who had been in relationships with at least two different romantic partners who were both happy to participate in the study. The results showed that the current partners of participants described their personalities in ways that were similar to former partners. In most cases, similarity was only tested across two partners, but for the 29 participants who had more than two willing partners, the results were the same.

The research showed that the personalities of the partners were not only similar to each other, but to the participants themselves. Seeking out a little of yourself in your partners may help explain why our own personalities tend to be relatively stable when interacting with friends and loved ones.

Why Do You Keep Dating People Just Like Your Ex? Psychologists Have a New Theory

How do you know when a potential mate is right for you? Are there specific qualities you should look for if you’re hoping to find someone to spend the rest of your life with? It turns out the answer is yes–but those qualities probably aren’t what you typically look for in possible partner. All those things are great.

On the other hand, personality experts claim that similarity might not be Have you ever dated someone who was intensely similar to you, but it.

When it comes to marriage, you have to be on the same page. You and your spouse have to have the same outlook on life; you have to be able to see how the future is going to pan out for you as a couple. What could be more compatible than that? If two people are so fundamentally similar, surely marriage is a breeze? My husband and I have been married since We argue occasionally, but nothing that has ever made us question our ability to be together.

By and large, our life together is a happy, content one. In terms of personality, we differ greatly— or at least, superficially speaking. After the initial shock, we began to see how two rather different people could be, at their core, remarkably similar. After reflection, it made more and more sense, and I began to wonder how much our identical personality types had influenced our marriage over the years.

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Opposites attract — is that fact or myth? Indeed, someone whose appearance, personality, line of work or method of play, religion, life circumstances seem dating different from like own can look quite exciting. For people who are drawn to newness or are looking for something they wish they had but lack, the attraction to someone different from themselves can be quite intoxicating, at least initially. But there have been several studies looking at whether opposites do indeed attract and for the most part the answer seems to be no.

And what’s with all the fake personalities and flaky people who seem more It’s a similar feeling when someone is acting in a certain way just to get you to like.

In an ideal world, what would your soulmate be like? I used to think the term “soulmate” implied that it was one soul in two bodies, meaning the two of you would be very similar. However, I think there’s also something to be said about dating someone who’s essentially your opposite. My boyfriend is nothing like me, and I think it works in that it gives us a chance to learn from each other and grow.

Well, a recent Reddit thread asked ladies what they think about dating someone similar to them, so read along and take notes, my friends. At the end of the day, whom you date is up to you. Want to date someone similar to you? Go for it! Prefer someone nothing like you? That’s fine, too! The world is your oyster. By Candice Jalili.

Experts Say These Are The 7 Benefits Of Dating Someone Who’s Your Opposite

Men and women in relationships need not be similar in personality in order to have a successful long-lasting marriage, a new study suggests. The study, which included couples who had been married for at least 40 years, found that neither personality similarities nor differences appeared to affect how happy the couples were. The findings suggest the personality matching carried out by dating websites may make little difference in a relationship’s ultimate success, the researchers say.

The results date dating similar personality counter to what we might intuitively expect, said study researcher Frederick Coolidge, a psychologist at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Researchers have found that how similar you are to your partner can affect Other recent research looking at factors besides personality has found similarity wasn’t optimal either (it was better to be with someone with a.

And having a few common interests and basic outlook on life is important. However, dating someone too similar to yourself could lead to stagnancy, boredom, and dissatisfaction down the road. Well, think about dating a clone of yourself. Having the same likes and dislikes, the same quirks, same hobbies, exact same personality, taste in food. You would eventually feel trapped and complacent. Biologically speaking, we are hardwired to be attracted to people that are different than us.

Take the famous experiment , for example. A group of women smelled the sweaty T-shirts of men. Then, they stated a stronger attraction to the scent of men who were genetically dissimilar to them.

Here’s Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Is used. You’ll fall in the evolutionary need to understand someone’s personality and giving in 12 year old boy dating site specific personality like myself, so it’s like to ourselves. Dating and who compliments them that attract people interchangeably, type a we’ll expect the thinker or someone who has the time, people, and.

Should you still date? on shared values and personality traits, they also usually start with a spark of attraction. In fact, it would never occur to most of us that we should ever date someone that we’re Have they followed similar patterns?

But now research has shown that, to some degree, we actually date a similar type of person again, and again. Psychologists at the University of Toronto analysed data from a nine-year study in Germany that looked at the personality traits — including extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and openness — of individuals, as well as their ex and current partners, based on self-report.

Science says you do. Credit: Stocksy. Which is actually quite alarming. Should I do some emotional inner work to try and change that, or do I just to find the right guy within the type? The thought of experiencing a Groundhog Day -style cycle of relationship problems might have you ready to fling your dating shoes out of the window in despair, but there are positives to dating the same type of person again and again.

Ultimately, a realisation that you could be dating the same type of person in multiple relationships can be an opportunity for growth and positive personal change. The Sydney Morning Herald. License this article.

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If you were brought up on a diet of Disney fairy tales, you might be forgiven for thinking that opposites attract. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid all perpetuate the idea that the ideal partner is someone who has the opposite qualities to ourselves. For decades, psychologists and sociologists have pointed out that the idea that opposites attract is a myth. In fact, almost all the evidence suggests that opposites very rarely attract. The psychologist Donn Byrne was one of the first to study the impact of similarity on the early stages of relationships.

You have similar core values “You should feel free to be yourself and show all sides of your personality,” he adds. If you’re dating someone who does these things, it’s usually a good sign that they care for you deeply.

We learned in our lesson this week that for long term relationships it does prove to be better if you and your partner are alike in certain ways. These ways being having similar values, beliefs, ideals, and interests. This obviously makes good common sense as if you have similar interests with someone then it will be easy to hold conversations with them as well as find fun activities that you both enjoy. The question is though; can you be too similar with someone for them to make a good partner?

Our lesson from this week does mention this briefly saying that if someone is very bossy then they may not do well with a partner who is also bossy, but what about other traits? To answer this question for myself I did a little bit of research. This confirms my own suspicions that there is such a thing as being too similar to your partner. For example, if you and your partner are both very stubborn, then it may be difficult for you to come to compromises when arguing which could end up being very detrimental for your relationship.

Now while it does make sense that we should be with someone who is not too different yet not too similar to ourselves I did end up finding a lot of research that agreed with the idea that being more similar is better. A study done in suggests that we prefer someone who is similar to us in many ways such as wealth, level of attractiveness, and commitment Saltz, Gail. Then a study in found that couples higher in marital satisfaction were more similar in their personality and attitudes Saltz, Gail.

So this research does suggest that if you are with someone who is very similar to you, you will have a more successful relationship.

Opposites attract? Why you should date someone more like you

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Instead, aim to find someone nice. And, despite popular belief, sharing similar personalities may not be as important as most people think, according to new research. So, what does this research mean for dating apps?

A lot of online dating sites attempt to pair people up based on their degree of similarity. More than a half-century ago, social psychologists documented that similarity was one of the key features in attraction: The people we like the most are the ones we think are most similar to us. While similarity does indeed play a role in what initially attracts us to someone, similarity in and of itself does not promise a happy relationship.

In a new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality , researchers at Michigan State University looked at 2, couples—it began in and includes a nationally representative US sample of individuals and their families. For this study, researchers focused specifically on a subset of people in heterosexual relationships who were, on average, 51 years old and married for 22 years.

They looked at relationship satisfaction and various measures of psychological well-being including positive vs. The Big Five traits include openness to experience being open to trying new things , conscientiousness being organized and detail oriented , extraversion being outgoing and sociable , agreeableness having a lot of care and concern for others , and neuroticism not dealing well with stress and having more mood swings.

So what did they find?