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Confessions of a Merchant Navy Officer

We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free. Consider paying for research. Use this guide for advice on how to find British merchant shipping records known as crew lists and agreements, dating from to the s. Typically, if you can locate a seaman in a crew list you will find out his:.

Date of founding for services. Definitions Draft of Mariners in WW2 Flag, Merchant Marine Funeral Honor Guard Guns on U.S. ships in WW2.

Federal government websites often end in. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. The site is secure. USMMA is closed to the public until further notice. Refer to Sea Year Guide within the links on the left. This phrase has inspired generations of U. Merchant Marine Academy midshipmen. It has taken them across the world’s oceans to exciting foreign ports, and in the process, provided them with unique practical training, with an opportunity to learn more about themselves, and with plenty of adventure.

All this comes from the Academy’s “Sea Year” – actually a period in both your sophomore and junior years when you and a classmate are assigned to a variety of operating U. During Sea Year, you’ll experience firsthand the life of a merchant mariner. You’ll put your classroom knowledge to the test in a real-life environment – all this while visiting an average of 18 foreign countries!

How To Keep A Distant Relationship (Advice for Seafarers)

Jump to navigation. Kamal Wadhawan, 26, is a thin-faced lad from Delhi who can be seen most evenings at the Seaman’s club in Bombay’s salt-sprayed Ballard Estate playing billiards on the club’s rundown table. Three years ago, after graduating from Rajendra, the training ship for merchant navy officers, he served as a cadet on board a ship belonging to a reputed shipping company, passed his second mate’s examination, and sailed with the company.

After a year at sea, he asked for leave to get married. On his return, however, he was told that his services had been terminated.

However, many forms of records, dating mainly from the midth century The Merchant Shipping Act, , required that every British seaman should have a.

When we disembark on foreign ports, the usual things boys do is find a bar, a brothel, sightsee, eat out and go dancing. Some people boast about girlfriends in various ports but they are actually referring to their favourite prostitutes. This is a chauvinistic, sex-starved profession. Even if alcohol is banned on a ship, it thrives illegally.

Working with international crews, I have developed opinions about some nationalities. Filipinos are extremely horny, and consider women as only sex objects. Europeans are easygoing, beer-loving people. The nationality I hate working with most is my own. Indians always make the work environment unnecessarily political. A senior will always try to enforce his views. To eat any cuisine other than Mughlai is a personal affront to Indians.

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This curiosity results in questions that seafarers are, quite understandably, repeatedly answering to every such person who has no to negligible information of the field of merchant navy. We have heard several myths, fallacies and utter nonsense spoken by people who have no clue about the industry at all. Agreed, the pay is good.

Keep in mind not all future merchant marines are like this but I know a few. My lucky guy was from Suny Maritime. 1. Be prepared for your first date.

If you always fancied dating someone in a sailor uniform, then it is time to start dating a marine – there are plenty of marine singles available, so why not go for it? Dating a sailor in the navy today is very different – marines are strong, healthy and well fed. Navy dating can be beautiful, but you have to know, like any sailor, marines are often away from home for long stretches of time.

Whilst it can be difficult dating a marine for this reason, it also helps keep the romance alive – anyone who travels a lot appreciates the time spent with those they love so much more. Dating someone usually involves going to the movies, having dinner together, etc. You often get to know each other a lot better for this reason, as you have to express your thoughts and feelings in words. So what are you waiting for? There are plenty of marine singles on UnifromDating.

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(Closed) Dating a Sailor long distance. I need advice

Read about the reasons that why you should date or marry a sailor. The best part of being a sailor is that you get an opportunity to see the World, have experiences, and learn from them. Off course the first criteria for any girl is the looks and sailors in this category excel all. They develop their personality in a unique way by experience.

I do this for nothing because family history research is dating a merchant seaman about helping each other. The indexed Registers of Seamen were extracted.

I’m not usually one to give heads up on who girls should date, but I have had a few bad relationships in the past and now I’m dating an amazing guy. Keep in mind not all future merchant marines are like this but I know a few. My lucky guy was from Suny Maritime. I thought we were only going to movies but I was wrong, we went to dinner after and I was definitely underdressed. Know that it means he’s in it for the end result and he’s serious about you two being together forever.

Make sure to have talks about the future. Talks about the future must include the amount of children you want, where you want to get married and where you want your honeymoon to be located. Whether that’s reading a new, motivating book, or listening to a song that speaks to your soul, there are plenty of resources to help your health thrive on any given day.

Heck, a few of us made summer plans and then promptly canceled said plans as state and federal officials continued to change their strategy for dealing with a global health crisis. Are schools going back?

Logs, Agreements And Crew Lists Of British Registered Ships

One of the most challenging aspects of life at sea is to somehow keep relationships and friendships alive despite being away so often. There are things which can be done to make the isolation or distance feel less damaging. But it does take work, determination and a bit of support from those ashore. But given the lengths of some trips to sea even Romeo and Juliet might struggle.

Loneliness, homesickness and fatigue are three of the most debilitating and damaging psychological problems among seafarers.

For vessels of the Royal Navy, we hold J.J. Colledge’s Ships of the Royal Navy and a few editions of Jane’s Fighting Ships, mostly dating from the first and Records of Merchant Shipping and Seamen by Kelvin Smith, Christopher Watts and.

Conversely, the US Merchant Marine is drowning because it has no political will. The question is why? They have delivered the goods in every theater of operations and across every ocean in the biggest, the most difficult and dangerous job ever undertaken. Historians agree that WW2 would have been lost without the overwhelming sacrifice of Merchant Mariners but FDR was wrong about public understanding.

A national poll last week revealed that the American public considers the US Air Force the most important military branch but even the Air Force requires enormous amounts of ocean tonnage to fight and they too have ships manned by US Merchant Mariners on standby for war. In a democratic state that motive force is the general public. Our sample size was small but included political, academic, military and shipping industry leaders. Here are their top 10 reasons:. Nearly every study of politics in the past few years lists the media as a primary influence on voters and Donald Trump himself has made it a daily crusade to eliminate FakeNews.

10 Ways to Deal with Long Distance Relationships in Merchant Navy

It is not a separate unit in the hospital – patients are treated in whatever ward or facility is best suited to their needs. Referrals come into the administration office. Prospective patients are sent a form which asks whether their treatment is urgent or routine, and when the patient is available for an appointment. This is very important as seafarers are often away at sea and are unable to cancel appointments. Due to the distances travelled by seafarers from home and from ships around the world, accommodation is also arranged for them.

The following but not their dependants are also eligible to be considered for elective treatment:.

The Merchant Shipping Act of required crew lists and related documents to be filed with the Register Office of Merchant Seamen (now the RGSS). the last ship in which he served, and the place and date of joining and leaving the ship.

In a March executive order, President Trump made a clear avenue for U. This is a great thing for the men and women of the U. During peacetime, the Merchant Marine is not a part of the military, but they do support military operations aboard ships like Kaiser-class replenishment oilers and Hope-class vehicle cargo ships. Its regular mission is the import and export of cargo in and out of the United States. Components of the Merchant Marine are both civilian sailors and government-owned ships.

During wartime, the Merchant Marine can be used as the sealift component of the U. Naval Reserve. While the Merchant Marine could go by many names, the preferred term is “mariner. So much so, it’s worth mentioning twice. The merchant mariners of the United States have existed in some form or another since the founding of our country, and have distinguished themselves in “getting the stuff to the fight” whenever called upon.

Their first action came when a bunch of merchants off the coast of what is now Maine boarded a lumber schooner and sailed out to the HMS Margaretta in the aftermath of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Dreadnought Unit

Frequently Asked Questions about the Merchant Marine. What is the Merchant Marine? The Merchant Marine is the fleet of ships which carries imports and exports during peacetime and becomes a naval auxiliary during wartime to deliver troops and war materiel.

I’ll be brutally honest here they are good, great in fact, the uniform is a major turn on factor too. Smart personality and great intellect all this is to die for. But the.

It trains officers to serve in United States Merchant Marine , branches of the military, and the transportation industry. Midshipmen as students at the academy are called are trained in different fields such as marine engineering , navigation , ship’s administration, maritime law , personnel management , international law , customs , and many other subjects important to the task of running a large ship. Between and , diverse federal legislation supported maritime training through school ships, internships at sea, and other methods.

A disastrous fire in aboard the passenger ship SS Morro Castle , in which lives were lost, convinced the U. Congress that direct federal involvement in efficient and standardized training was needed. Originally—and in cooperation with the State of New York which donated the land —the U. Congress passed the landmark Merchant Marine Act in , and two years later, the U.

Merchant Marine Cadet Corps was established. The first training was given at temporary facilities until the academy’s permanent site in Kings Point, New York was acquired in early The academy was dedicated on 30 September , by President Franklin D. World War II required the academy to forgo its normal operation and to devote all of its resources toward meeting the emergency need for Merchant Marine officers.

Its enrollment rose to 2, men, and the planned course of instruction was reduced in length from four years to 18 months. To meet the wartime needs for qualified merchant marine officers two additional merchant marine cadet training school sites were established, one located in Pass Christian, Mississippi , and the other in San Mateo, California. The location in Pass Christian was similarly closed in

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Sea Year is a part of the fabric of Kings Point, dating back to the world is our campusSea Year is administered by the Office of Shipboard.

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Six Months At Sea In The Merchant Marine